Finding time to sketch

As my autumn teaching semester nears the end I find it harder and harder to make the time to sketch. And the painter in me gets more and more frustrated. All teachers can attest to the fact that preparation and grading can eat up huge chunks of time, especially near the end of term. Today all I had time to do was a little value sketch for a painting I hope to do soon. What I found interesting in this little scene was the chair half in the sun and half in the shade.

For Montreal Urban Sketchers, tomorrow will be our third group outing. We have an interesting day planned — morning sketching outdoors on the McGill Campus (dress for the cold!!) and afternoon drawing in the company of dinosaurs, taxidermy and assorted objects at the Redpath Museum. For more info have a look at the USK Montreal site. We love having new people join us and sketchers of all levels are welcome.

Wicker in Shade Value Sketch


3 Comments on “Finding time to sketch”

  1. Ross C says:

    Yep, that could turn into a really interesting painting! Are you going to do a preliminary colour sketch for posting as well… and then a final painting? Three days of posts is good value, and so interesting to follow. Don’t feel that you also have to post a “disaster” this time… unless you really want to. : )


    • I think I’d like to do all three steps again. I think it was a good experience for me and it seems to be interesting for readers to follow all the steps. Hopefully this time I will avoid the “disaster” phase of the project.


  2. […] started this a few weeks ago by doing a value sketch but never had time to complete the colour version. Today is not really a good day to be sketching […]


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