Waiting for the snow

We are having our first little sprinkling of snow in Montreal today and you can see it coming in the distance as the sky darkens. When I started to sketch this the ground was dry and the tree-seller was sweeping up sawdust from yesterday’s sales. When he saw me drawing he gave me a big smile and I think it was because he saw the snow coming too and that meant that he was going to sell lots more trees today.

Wrapped Evergreens

13 Comments on “Waiting for the snow”

  1. John Wright says:

    We’ve had snow in Ottawa this week. The sports store where our son works, is in the same frame of mind as your tree guy, as they’ll be selling some skis.


  2. captelaine says:

    Great sketch… we don’t ever have snow, so sales here don’t wait for snow. The Christmas tree sellers are setting up shop around town … have been since the middle of November.


  3. Always good to get nice responses when sketching out in the open. When I do the same here in Washington DC, it seems to scare the hell out of people. Beautiful sketch; love the treatment on the trees.


  4. Ross C says:

    This is very good… I like the way you have handled the trees and, because I was in the UK last December, I even understand the wrapping of the trees… which we don’t do here. The subject is similar to the post on 11 Dec last year… seems that it is not just your comments which may be becoming repetitive. : )


    • Thanks Ross. This is how most people buy their trees — from a guy in a trailer in a parking lot but this is not the same guy as December 11 of last year. I am running out of things to sketch so I forgot to tell you that from now on I am just going to do exactly what I did last year at this time. That means I’d better buy my ticket to Miami right now!


      • Ross C says:

        I actually think that it is a really good idea to revisit all of last year’s locations/subjects. Artistically, I think it would be good for you to rework the subject with a year’s more experience behind you. As a viewer, I think that it will be really interesting to see and compare the differences. One bit of advice though… try to park legally this time.


      • I may just do that instead of trying to kill myself finding new things to sketch. As for the parking, if my parking spot was illegal last year chances are it will still be illegal.


  5. Alison says:

    Superb. Really captures a classic scene. Love all the subtle green variations in the trees.


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