Morrice Hall

This is the result of drawing in really cold temperatures for 52 minutes during last Sunday’s outing to the Redpath Museum. I can’t draw with gloves on so after about half an hour my fingers went numb and even the pen didn’t really want to work any more. I think that was probably the last outdoor drawing until spring of 2013.

Morrice Hall

7 Comments on “Morrice Hall”

  1. I love your style. It’s so amazing. If I ever published a book with illustrations, I would want someone like you to do the artwork.


  2. Ross C says:

    So, exactly why did you do this? Is there a level of insanity involved? …or perhaps masochism? …or do you all just feel the need to establish your credentials as ‘extreme sketchers’? …or perhaps after you all started, no one wanted to be the first one to say “this was a stupid idea – It’s too cold for me – I’m going inside” …a sort of macho stubbornness? My guess is a combination of the insanity and stubborn attitude. : )
    Anyway, you’ve got a good sketch to show for the experience… although the linework is perhaps a little less controlled than in your usual sketches.


  3. The amassed lines are just gorgeous!


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