Snow changes everything

It is now becoming embarrassing because I keep sketching these pots and one would think I would tire of them but no, they are endlessly interesting for me to paint in the changing light of any season. I could say that this will be the last time I paint them this winter but I know that with more snow covering them I will probably paint them again.


26 Comments on “Snow changes everything”

  1. Cathy Dempsey says:

    Love the feeling of a cold SUNNY day as I sit here in the grey Northwest mist.
    Thank you!

  2. Evie Macdonald says:

    Your pots are lovely in the long streaking shadows of December :~)

  3. Valerie Cousins says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Evie’s comment. The shadows are beautiful and the light is just perfect for this time of year. Bravo!

  4. Ross C says:

    Very impressive, Shari! Those shadows falling across the snow are gorgeous… particularly the ones from the little tufts of grass poking through the snow. I have noticed, however, after giving me the lecture about how you would have to take the plants out of the pots to ensure their survival for next season, that the plants are still there… in the pots. Anyway, the painting is better with the dead plants. : )

  5. Vicky says:

    Hey, cathedrals and haystacks work for some, and flower pots work for you. You make each painting unique and they’re lovely.

  6. Don McNulty says:

    I enjoy following your art everyday, great to look at and inspiring. I had better read some more Mr.Whitney on design. Love this.

  7. smukkecirsten says:

    Hi Shari,
    There is nothing embarrassing about it. I love your flowerpots and it is very interesting to see how they look the same and different for each drawing.
    You are an inspiration to me!

  8. Beautiful Shari! I love the light and shadow on the snow.

  9. Katrin says:

    Paint them as often as you like!! I never get tired of your colours!! And I can totally understand you, that these pots in different lights affect you so much! Here some snow, too, so I’m painting snowy scenes as well.

  10. Jane Hannah says:

    Actually I really enjoy it when you paint a scene several times… it gives me a sense of time and space, especially if they flow with the seasons… or if the neighbour’s dog broke one pot, that could make a good story, huh? Or what happens if we get 20 feet of snow? They would be gone, or let’s say that you decide to stop raking up the leaves? They would disappear also… Please, keep on painting this scene for many more years Shari as it is known territory in a way… we get to share your outdoor yard, for at least one day 😉 And your painting is wonderful as always…

    • What a nice comment Jane. We’ll see if the hostas make it over the winter. They may die in the pots and I will have to replace them but they did make a nice series. The spring painting is in Australia now and the autumn one now resides in Dorval so I guess they are popular.

  11. Shari,
    These sketches of life covered in snow make me itch to do a little series of similar subjects. I doubt mine will have the elegance of yours, particularly as you’re much more practiced than I, but c’est la vie. It’s winter, why not!?

    • I think you always have so much more snow than we do. Do you ever sketch at Carnaval?? The last time I went to that my feet froze so badly. It took hours for them to defrost and it was very painful.

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