Value sketch for Ville St. Pierre

I can often see Ville St. Pierre as I drive by on the elevated highway (in the distance) but today I took a different way home and I was on the road below with a view of the trucks going by above. This is going to eventually become a bigger painting but the next step will be a colour sketch about the same size as this.


7 Comments on “Value sketch for Ville St. Pierre”

  1. Ross C says:

    I love these little value sketches… so interesting. Can’t wait to see what this grows into. And in your drive to save paper, I guess this is matchbox sized?


    • No, much bigger than a matchbox! It’s a postcard!!


      • Ross C says:

        OK, postcard… you are being sooo extravagant! : )
        So, what is catching your interest with this little scene? Easy parking?


      • Yes, easy parking. And also a beautiful diffuse light in the distance which I hope I can translate onto the page.
        I will now be exhibiting in a group show twice a year and I need to have at least 20 paintings in April and again in September so I am trying to do larger works. Larger than a matchbook, larger than a postcard.
        The problem is that I keep selling the bigger ones. I guess that is a good problem to have : )


      • Ross C says:

        Yes, I don’t think you should be saying that you want to be an artist but it is so hard because you keep selling your paintings too quickly… some of your followers may start to question your sanity. : )


  2. The two walking figures inject so much life and movement into this sketch – very lovely!


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