Little shed

I have written this in previous posts too but it still holds true: the backs of buildings are often more interesting than the facades. I sketched this in Pointe Claire, in back of the St. Joachim presbytery. When I parked my car the shed was in shadow but after a few minutes a bit of sunlight hit it and the posts of the balcony created an interesting pattern. I painted this with Cobalt Blue, Rose Madder and Cadmium Yellow Light in my watercolour Moleskine.

Little Shed

14 Comments on “Little shed”

  1. I love this scetch! it’s so clear and the colors are beautyful!

  2. refarch says:

    Beauty is the nnot-obvious themes. Love the shadows.

  3. Katrin says:

    Lovely shadow!! Yes, I’m crawling around in backyards, too, sometimes…;-))

  4. angmacleod says:

    Thanks for noting the colours, big help to know what colours you used, keep sketching, I love to see them. I keep trying to do one each day too but it is so hard to find the time so I am totally impressed to see yours each day. Happy painting!

  5. Mrs. P says:

    Lovely picture, especially the little details.

  6. Maggie says:

    Lovely! Where did you get your watercolour moleskin?

  7. What great plays on the lighting!

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