Colour sketch for City Waking

I looked through a stained glass window of trees at a city waking up. Hopefully I will turn this into a full-size painting very soon.

Sketch Sunrise

7 Comments on “Colour sketch for City Waking”

  1. Katrin says:

    That’ll be a great painting, I’m sure!!

  2. Ross C says:

    Yes, this has definitely got potential for a successful painting. Challenging too with all of those branches making the city in the background quite difficult… perhaps you need to rethink that (almost irrational) negative attitude that you have to masking fluid? : )

    • Where would I use masking fluid in this? It is most often used for keeping the whites but I could paint the dark branches right over everything else so I don’t think I would need it in this case. But don’t stop trying to get me to use it : )

      • Ross C says:

        What!!?? “Where would I use masking fluid in this?” So now you are asking ME for advice on your watercolour technique?
        OK, let me think… maybe on the intricate branches… so that you didn’t have to paint them all so opaque that they would cover the under-painting? Hope that helps… just let me know any time that YOU need more help from ME with your watercolouring. : )

  3. Lee Kline says:

    Masking fluid??? It always seems like cheating to me. But I know many wonderful artists use it and all power to them. I’m with you, Shari. I bought a bottle of the stuff last year and all it did was make me nervous. I still have not used it.

    • I tried it years ago Lee and it was horrible. Never used it again.
      And it ruins even the cheapest brushes.
      Ross just teases me about it because I someone once asked me if I ever used it and I think my response was an overly emphatic “No!”.

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