Apples and sunday sketching

Sunday sketching is back for Montreal Urban Sketchers! Of course with the extreme cold we are experiencing this week, our destination is indoors. Please have a look at the website for details.

For today’s sketch I worked on Arches 300 lb rough paper. I haven’t used textured paper like this in some time, but I have a lot of it so I thought I might give it a try. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is to paint on this and I really like the way it takes the washes, allowing you to mix colour right on the paper.


11 Comments on “Apples and sunday sketching”

  1. Jane Hannah says:

    Hi Shari,

    I totally love this composition… and the colours. They are dense and very present on the paper… not faded at all. And the composition, with the folds in the tablecloth are wonderful. You are giving me the urge to paint on Arches paper, which I never have! Thank you for this 😉

  2. marctaro says:

    Those are some delicious looking apples. That is one perfect watercolor – so simple – makes it look easy, and impossible at the same time.

  3. Linda Daily says:

    Once again,wonderful composition and colors.You just keep knocking them out of the ballpark!
    Do they say that in Canada?

  4. Katrin Loose says:

    Nice apples, Shari!! I like rough paper very much because you can always get nice textures without any effort. And I’m a very unpatient painter, so I like to let the colours mix themselves on the paper. I like your tablecloth!

  5. Lee Kline says:

    Often when I look at a painting I try to “repaint” it, in an attempt to figure out what went on first, then next and so forth. This is particularly fun with the apples. They are well-made and beautiful.

    • Thanks so much Lee. I’ve been thinking of doing a step-by-step post one of these days so it’s funny to see that this is how you look at things anyway. I just have to get organized to get the right lighting on my sheet.

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