Last fall I really should have been emptying the clay pots in the garden instead of gallivanting all over the place with my sketchbook. Now the pots are cracked and will have to be replaced when spring arrives. Yes, I know, it is spring right now but with yet another snowstorm raging in Montreal it is spring in name only.

I just returned from dropping off my paintings at the LAA Spring Show at Fritz Farm and saw some amazing work from the 54 exhibiting artists. I hope you’ll drop by if you are in the Montreal area. The hours are 10 am to 5 pm both Saturday and Sunday and I will be there tonight for the opening as well as tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 5. Hope you can join us!



7 Comments on “Crackpot”

  1. Angie Macleod says:

    Shari, have a great show, I am sure you’ll shine! Question, can you tell me the type of brush you splurged on, I think you got it in New York? It was a large one! I want o get an additional number 10, and yours was the onei liked. Thanks,

  2. Mary says:

    It’s so much fun to see your continuing series of the seasons in those clay pots and
    maybe just leave the “cracked pot” for character when your hosta’s bloom again. They sure give promise of spring hopefully just around the corner. In spite of this miserable weather you had a great turnout for your vernissage this evening and it was great to see you and your wonderful paintings on display 🙂 You were certainly surrounded by lots of your fans and it was so nice to meet Marc T. H.’s also.

    • Neither rain nor sleet…
      Despite the weather it was a great turnout and I’m so happy you made it. You really had a chance to see all the great work. I hope to see more of it today when I go back.
      So you think I should leave that cracked pot? I guess I will but now I need to put the hosta in something else…

  3. Ross C says:

    I think the cracked pot just adds to this very familiar little group composition… which you always seem to make fresh. Amazing that it is with snow… I looked back to your posts in mid-April last year and all the sketches had green grass and flowering plants.
    Saw you at the LAA Spring Show earlier tonight but you were busy talking to a bunch of other people so I didn’t interrupt… great show with all those different artists.

    • I am so bored of hearing myself and everyone else complain about the weather but yes, this is the spring that never was. Hopefully it will warm up this week. The tulips are coming up through snow right now.

      It’s too bad you didn’t introduce yourself at the show Ross. I never realized how shy you are. You came all the way from Australia to see a bunch of local artists in our spring show — seems a shame that we never had a chance to meet. Glad you liked the work! We are having another show in the fall so maybe you can come back and we can meet then.

      • Ross C says:

        Yes, you understand me so well… I wouldn’t want to do or say anything that would attract too much attention. But also, I didn’t know how well I could do the genuflecting that everyone was doing as they approached you. : )
        Perhaps I will drop in again in time for the fall show.

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