Trying a new book

Last week when I was at Pearl Paint in New York I picked up a new sketchbook. I’ve seen people using the hand•book journals but have never tried them. The paper is slightly yellower than Moleskine and not quite as heavy. It takes pen lines really well because it is not as textured as my usual books. The wrapper says it takes light washes and as you can see, it does that too. I threw quite a lot of water at it and it really doesn’t warp. Plus it’s got a beautiful cloth cover and an elastic to hold it closed. For me, it’s a two thumbs up.


12 Comments on “Trying a new book”

  1. Jen Appel says:

    That’s what I’ve been using lately. It’s not watercolour paper, but it seems to tough the painting quite well.

    I haven’t tried their watercolour version yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews on that one.

    Lovely, summery sketch – I can almost feel the breeze.


  2. And it is a great start with the hand-book journals. The sketch is really fresh. One almost wants to get inside it and just sit there, enjoying the sounds and smells.

    I never tried a hand-book journal (I don’t even think I have ever seen one on sale here in Portugal), but I have been wanting to try some sketching on a yellow paper.
    I don’t like the paper on the moleskine sketchbooks, so this might just be what I have been looking for.


    • This paper is really nice Filipe. I am really liking it. It is not as yellow at the Moleskine sketchbook (not the watercolour one but the vertical format). And it can really take a lot of wash!


  3. captelaine says:

    Hand*books have been one of my favorites for years… I do wish they offered their watercolor version in a portrait format.


  4. Liz Steel says:

    I found the handbook paper too thirsty. It was beautiful to draw on but felt ‘cheap’ and I didn’t like the yellowness. Only used one once many years ago – looking forward to your adventures with it!


  5. Swapniel says:

    Absolutely stunning!


  6. Triple “Like” on this post: I have and love the Handbook sketchbook, which I used when sketching in Israel, I used to work at the Pearl Paint in NYC, and of course, a beautiful sketch in this post!


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