Big boat, little boat

Still testing out the hand•book journal today by throwing on lots more wash. No delicate ink lines with light dabs of paint. This is a heavy-duty loaded brush, many layers of paint type sketch. Still holding up and keeping the sharp lines where you want them.


9 Comments on “Big boat, little boat”

  1. Leslie Haworth says:

    Shari — what is a hand-book??


  2. Alison says:

    Love it. Lots of spontaneity here. Which is an engaging approach for rendering what I always see as precise shapes (boat hulls I mean). You can really see how this paper takes the paint in a different way.


  3. Leon Iwan says:

    Your sketch lines are loose, your watercolors are also loose. Put together, everything comes to life wonderfully. That’s exactly what I like about your sketches. Free, loose and yet precise.


  4. Jen Appel says:

    You gave that page quite the workout! The paper seems to have two sides – one is more mat and absorbant than the other side.


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