There are certain sketches that are memorable for me not because of what I was looking at but because of some incident or event that happened while I was drawing. Today’s sketch will always make me think of the haunting Spanish guitar being played in the square near my table and the couple who walked by with eight greyhounds on leashes.


21 Comments on “Girona”

  1. Julia Bolchakova says:

    This is so beautiful/ And peaceful

  2. Anna Conway says:

    I love this, especially the flowers.

  3. Ruth says:


    The drawing is wonderful. I am touched by what was going on while you were creating
    this….. I can just imagine the hauntingly beautiful sound of the guitar in that setting
    and the sight of the greyhounds entering into this space. This memory will no doubt
    remain with you each time you look at your sketch, and perhaps if you should hear
    a similar melody on a guitar again. Very special !

  4. jane says:

    I really love this one — it is beautiful, and peaceful…

  5. Ross says:

    Love the composition with my eye being funneled through the archway and my mind wondering what is beyond. And, so nice that you were listening to Spanish guitar playing… such a treat and such a shame that there is no audio recording capability in paintings. On some of my trips, I have taken videos… the videos can be great great because they capture all those surrounding sounds which are all part of the total environment.

    • I will keep the video idea in mind for next time. I was so used to leaving my phone in the hotel room in Barcelona because of pickpockets but Girona is much safer so I am taking it with me.

      • Ross says:

        Oh no. You misunderstood me… I wasn’t suggesting that YOU should start using your phone to take videos. And I definitely wasn’t thinking that you should post them… you do more than enough with your phone already. : )

  6. Really love this sketch. The composition is amazing.
    I agree with you. The events that sorround us when we sketch on the streets are so important for the memory of the experience. They will hover over the sketch forever.

  7. One of the best things about sketching is how sketches capture not only the immediate visual but also sound, movement and any other activities that are happening around you, and when you look back at them later it all floods back. Smells too! This is a lovely drawing, your use of colour is so sure.

  8. helmut langeder says:

    Love this Girona W/C. Nice composition and cheerful colors. The eye is drawn to and past the portico. Grat work. Looks like you’re having fun.

  9. AMERICAN MALE says:

    Nice you are very talented

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