Simultaneous translation

One of the unique aspects of the Urban Sketchers Symposium (which ended tonight) was that every instructor had a Catalan translator. I was fortunate to be paired with the wonderful Cristina Curto who patiently translated even when I spoke in paragraphs instead of sentences. She led us through the streets of Barcelona to our painting destination and managed to get in some wonderful sketches of her own as well. It was a pleasure to have her by my side. So today’s post is a big thanks to Cristina as well as all the participants who made teaching in Barcelona an unforgettable experience. I only have a photo from the last group but they were all great. I also included today’s demo of the Santa Anna bell tower which was the only one that was postable.




11 Comments on “Simultaneous translation”

  1. Julie Gomez says:

    That’s awesome, Shari! : )

  2. Valerie Cousins says:

    Good for you, Shari. Spreading joy wherever you go!

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  3. Carola says:

    Mis felicitaciones for such a wonderful week you had and shared it with us. Beautiful sketches and exciting stories about Barcelona. Thank you for always provinding us with ideas and inspiration to persevere with our sketching.

  4. Mrs. P says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip that was very successful!

  5. Tomàs Font Llovet says:

    Thanks, Shari, your workshop has been a great experience, you are an excelent artist and a better teacher. And I am the lucky non english speaker that i’ve had Cris in my side!


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    El 13/07/2013, a les 23:15, “The Sketchbook” va escriure: > >

    • Hi Tomas.
      The pleasure was mine! So glad we had the chance to meet! And I hope you have more chance to work on everything you learned at the Symposium. It was an incredible experience for everyone.

  6. Hi Shari!
    Thank you sooooo much for your kind words! I’ve enjoyed a lot translating your workshop. I’ve learned many interesting tricks that for sure will help me. They look very easy when you are painting but I’m going to need at least 30 years of practice.
    You are a great teacher, very clear and organized, you make easy the dificult things.
    I hope we have the chance to sketch together again, maybe at the next symposium.
    Have a nice vacation in Girona, it’s a wonderful city!


    • Cristina, it was so great to meet you and have you with us during the sessions. I know we will see each other again because even if we don’t meet at a Symposium I am certain I will be back to Spain one day soon. I am love with Barcelona and Catalunya!

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