From church to gallery

On the second day of the workshop in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil we sketched around the beautifully restored Christ Church, which now houses a gallery with works by local artists. When I started my demo, the gentleman who runs the gallery opened the doors for the day and noticed us all grouped together, sketching in his direction.  Eventually he wandered over to see what we were all doing. Not long after that he pulled a chair out onto the steps. Taking advantage of the summer day or hoping to get drawn into the sketch? I’m not sure which it was but I obliged by adding him in.



There was some tricky perspective in the drawing of the bell tower but everyone produced great work! Thanks again for inviting me out, Dunany ladies!


6 Comments on “From church to gallery”

  1. Thank you for sharing with us; sauch lovely sketches(I would say paintings)

  2. Joanna says:

    This is so pretty, and from the group photo it seems that the whole group is talented wow!xx

  3. Ross says:

    I like this… it reminds me of something that seems to be just out of the reach of my mind. It may have something to do with the large tree, which has a very Australian feel to it… but that is hard to imagine in your climate.
    Anyway, I love the assortment of greens that you used here… I tried counting them but gave up… I wish I could mix colours like that!

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