I tried to sketch my favorite crisscross of power lines in Pointe Claire Village today but never finished it.  A passerby stopped to have a chat and never really left.  I guess that’s what happens when you are sitting in the middle of the sidewalk!


21 Comments on “Gigi”

  1. Anne H says:

    Looks great to me!

    People are always so curious – but it can break ones focus.

  2. Mary says:

    You’ve done such amazing work this summer and some passersby can just be so disrespectful of your time and concentration. I’ve never noticed all the power lines at Gigi’s
    because the warmth of the facade with the best pizzas in Montreal inside has been the
    big attraction 🙂 All our family in Toronto always go to Gigi’s for their Montreal “pizza
    fix” when they come to town! Thank you for all your wonderful art this summer and look forward to your show at Stewart Hall Sept. 7th and 8th 🙂

    • This was actually an interesting man who I have been wanting to draw for a while. He is a local street character. But the conversation went on a little too long…

      I have never tried the pizza at Gigi’s. I guess I’ll have to now.
      Looking forward to seeing you at the show Mary.

  3. kevinsaywhat says:

    Wow. You should do sketches of Venice and/or New Orleans. 🙂

  4. Joanna says:

    I really like how this looks even if you think it is unfinished it has a charm to it aha :Pxx

  5. Lee Kline says:

    People do sometimes stop to see what’s going on – not so much in the USA, though. But I always value the encounters.

  6. doug105 says:

    I love the “unfinished” look, it draws the viewer to the focus of the sketch–the wires!

  7. arnoldtd says:

    I like your work. It has inspired me to attempt to do other things. Thanks

  8. I moving to Montreal; when I sketch in DC, all I get are strange looks from lawyer and political types, and I even got questioned by a federal agent once. Great sketch as always BTW, especially those warm tones atop the building.

  9. Beste says:

    I also loved the “unfinished” look…emphasizes the power lines a bit more 🙂

  10. Fleet Woodley says:

    Love the line work in this one. Makes me want to go find an intersection with Iots of power and utility lines and go for it. The unfinished portion make sit rather interesting.

    ~ Fleetwood

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