Pointe Claire Yacht Club

I am still experimenting with the block of Saunders Waterford HP surface paper that I purchased last week. In today’s painting I did 90% of the work with a 1″ flat brush. That keeps me from getting caught up in the details too early on in the process. Then I used a #12 Escoda Perla synthetic for all the details. That brush has a great point on it. Following my workshops this summer, so many people have purchased them that I should probably request a commission from the manufacturer.

I’m still really liking this paper. Even on a very hot day the washes stay wet for a long time so I can go back and drop in colour like I did in the sky and the water. Size: 12″ x 9″.


27 Comments on “Pointe Claire Yacht Club”

  1. Joanne Moore says:

    Shari, Thanks so much for the sketch of the PCYC. after asking about the yacht club sketches in St Andre I feel you did it just for me!!!!!! Had so much fun painting with you and looking forward to next summer.

    Joanne Moore

  2. Great painting. Nice of you also to post the size and materials which you use. Thanks.

  3. Took my breath away! Love the intensity of color – feel like I am sitting right there.

  4. sefeniak says:

    Love it!! Had to stop and say Wow! Thanks for sharing the information about the brushes too.

  5. Diane Pearsall says:

    Very very nice. Where are those brushes available?

    • The Escoda brushes are available at Curry’s if you are in Canada.
      In the States they are available at Dick Blick.
      I have had the Langnickel flat brushes for many years. I’ll try to post a photo one of these days.

  6. Alison says:

    Yummy! I’m enjoying the results of the large brush. And as always, you convey the water so well! A really lovely painting.

  7. Liza says:

    The reflection in the water is really fantastic. Seems simple yet translates so much!

  8. munchmeister says:

    Wow, that is a spectacular piece. The water and reflections are smack dab right on. Loose, abstract but undeniably realistic. Just love your work. When is your next workshop in Kamouraska? Or Montreal? Heck, anywhere !

  9. That water is just incredible. You know you’ve nailed the execution of water when you look at it and all you can think is “splash!”

  10. Ashley Wright says:

    Your work is incredible! When you start a painting like this do wet the whole paper or just where you’re working? I can’t seem to master this! When is your next workshop?

  11. Fleet Woodley says:

    Wow. I really Ike what you are getting with this paper. The edges are quite crisp but you have controlled them so that you make it work for you, like in the reflections. The wet on wet has a very different feel to it as well like in the roofs, trees and water over on the left.

    ~ Fleetwood

  12. Vicky Porter says:

    What a beautiful painting and the water is just amazing!

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