Art by the Lake

In a couple of weeks I will be participating in the Lakeshore Association of Artists Outdoor Fall Show which takes place  on the spectacular grounds of Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire. If you live in the Montreal area, please come out to say hello on September 7th and 8th (from 10 am to 5 pm) and enjoy the work of 50 or so artists in the show (and please keep your fingers crossed for weather as nice as today when I sketched these boats) It’s the first time in ages that I will have this many paintings on display (mostly new work from this summer in Spain, Rockport and Montreal) and it’s a gorgeous way to spend a September afternoon by the lake.


12 Comments on “Art by the Lake”

  1. agirlwithapiano says:

    I love the art! 🙂


  2. munchmeister says:

    Really lovely. Sure wish I could make it to that show !!


  3. Fleet Woodley says:

    The light really dances on the water In this one. The tall masts and rigging work so well against the horizontals and really breakup the sky.


    ~ Fleetwood


  4. Ross says:

    That’s great. I like the way you used that super-loose ink sketch… and also the way you managed to preserve the white paper for those sparkles on the water. : )


  5. sefeniak says:

    Love this sketch. I am sad that I live too far away to enjoy the show but good luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for good weather!


  6. Vicky Porter says:

    This is so fun to scroll down from all those lovely lines to the gorgeous masses of color below.


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