Man on bike

I couldn’t have asked for a better subject. A man leaning on his bike, his head in the perfect direction to catch the sunlight. Dark face and high cheekbones under a pale cap. He held his pose for a long time, unaware that he was the model. And just when I thought the drawing might be done, he put his feet on the pedals and cycled off.


6 Comments on “Man on bike”

  1. Of course I like the sketch and the technique, but what really drew me to this one (as you’ve probably figured out from my blog) is that I perk up and take notice of all things cycling. There’s definitely something about that particular pose in cycling: sitting on the perch of your machine and observing the world around you from the unique vantage point that is the bicycle.


    • Yes, I have noticed how much you like cycling Jason. I don’t know anyone else who takes time off drawing to watch the Tour. I guess you probably would have done the opposite of what I did: draw the bike first and then the guy. And you would probably be able to tell me what make the bike was, whereas I would never even look at that.


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Your figurative work is as inspiring as your watercolors. Is that your new pencil find?


  3. Joanna says:

    I love drawings like these, the fact that he was unaware makes it more interesting, it shows him naturally, I love thisxx


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