I wish I could say I sketched these in Spain but I didn’t. When I was there in July we drove by vast fields of these blooms and I regretted not painting them. I took some photos but it’s just not the same. So when I saw these in the store today I brought home a big bouquet. I thought they would be easy to sketch (a few dabs of yellow with some dark centres!) but for some reason I had difficulty capturing what I wanted. This is probably my fourth try.


20 Comments on “Sunflowers”

  1. Tina Koyama says:

    If you don’t mind, it would be very informative to see tries #1 – 3! I really learn a lot from the less successful sketches — as well as from hearing what you learned from the first three.

  2. miatagrrl says:

    If you don’t mind, it would be informative to see tries #1 – 3! I always learn a lot from the less successful sketches, as well as hearing what you learned from the first three. And you obviously did learn a lot — this is gorgeous!

    • Glad you like them! Well, the first two tries went straight into the garbage and the third is unfinished so I can’ show you these. But I promise that next time I do this I will post them instead of tearing them up.

  3. Claudette says:

    These are done beautifully, there is no need for apologizes. I would be happy to capture the sunflowers this wonderfully.

  4. Lee Kline says:

    Fourth try!?!? Shari, you give me hope! These are terrific.

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks for the honesty about how many tries it took you to get the sunflowers the way you wanted them. I rarely succeed on the first or even second sketch. Good job.

  6. sefeniak says:

    Lovely! Sunflowers are inspiring, they ask to be drawn and painted. Or so it seems to me.

  7. Joanna says:

    I love these! Ever since I went to Monet’s garden this summer, I’ve had a little obsession with them, they’re beautiful I love your paintingxx

  8. Joan C. Travis says:

    I really love your capture of the “Sunflowers” posted Aug 2013. I am shopping for a large sunflower painting to hang over a king sized bed, the same as your sketch, watercolor, roughly 36″X26. What would your charge be?

    I’ve enjoyed your fine work on the Tenacre calendars; they are inspirational.
    Love Joan C. Travis

    • Hi Joan,
      I’m so glad you like the calendar. I haven’t even seen them yet but it was a pleasure to provide sketches to Tenacre.
      A full sheet of watercolour paper measures 22″ x 30″. The cost of a painting that size is $950.
      Let me know if you are interested and we can email each other.

      Best regards,

  9. Liz Treed says:

    I’ve been looking for paintings of sunflowers in acrylics as my art class are doing a project based on Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings. Somehow yours popped up on my search and I’m so glad they did. They’re delightful – so fresh and bright – I’m assuming there’s some pen work in them – something I’ve never tried but after seeing yours I think I might just give it a try. Thank you for sharing such inspiring work. Lizt

    • Thanks so much for writing Liz. I love sunflowers, and live painting them too, but they are a hard flower to paint! I think because of the bug dark centre. But glad you like them.

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