Three trunks

The maple on my neighbour’s lawn is absolutely on fire — ablaze with yellows and reds and all the colours in between — but you wouldn’t know it from this sketch. I have a choice of five or six sketchbooks of all sizes and paper surfaces in my bag on most days but this was clearly the wrong choice of paper for fall foliage. It’s too smooth to do a big wet wash and too yellowish to allow the colours to pop. But I guess if I hadn’t told you, you might just think the foliage was soft greens and yellows.


17 Comments on “Three trunks”

  1. Angie Macleod says:

    Very clever!


  2. monique says:

    I have 3 huge maples at the back dropping their glorious leaves as I type..I have tried to paint no avail..this is so good..


  3. Ross says:

    Good to see that you remembered to move the subject off the centre of the page. But what is going on behind that tree trunk… it look like the car has morphed into a hedge? : )


  4. Connie Renaud says:

    I love your sketches. They are so inspirational!


  5. Glad you mentioned your sketchbooks. I have 4 on the go and was thinking I should finish one before I start another. don’t think so now, thanks.


    • I have so many on the go but they are all different. Each one is a different size, paper surface, etc. But I will never start another one of the same type before I finish the previous one. I have so many Moleskines that I number them in gold ink on the spines now.


  6. Fleet Woodley says:

    It may not look precisely like what was in front of you, but it is still quite lovely. I’m in love with the trunks on the trees and the deep trunk shadows under the foliage. The line combined with the wash has always appealed to me and you do it quite well.

    ~ Fleetwood


    • Thanks Fleet. I guess I just had this picture in my mind of what I wanted to paint and it didn’t at all come out like I had hoped. The yellow was so electric against the dark trunks and in this my colours are so muted.


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