Clear and bright

In celebration of the great sawing off of the cast on my painting hand I went out to do some car sketching today. It’s super cold out there but I preheated the car well and was able to do a quick capture of the light on the statue near the convent in Pointe Claire.

It’s not often that I add new colours to my palette but I’ve been trying out Indanthrone Blue (sometimes called Indanthrene Blue) and I like it enough to make it a permanent addition. It’s darker than the other blues I have and mixes beautifully with Alizarin Crimson for shadows. A warning if you decide to buy it: I can’t confirm this but apparently Daniel Smith has a redder tint than Winsor Newton (according to


11 Comments on “Clear and bright”

  1. John Bartoldus says:

    Ding dong the wicked cast is dead!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray!

  2. genine says:

    congratulations! I bet it feels great to have your hand back 🙂

  3. sefeniak says:

    Pleased to hear the cast is off! 🙂

  4. Liz Steel says:

    yay – big yay! – for the saw! Hope all good now! (been meaning to drop you a line but as for finding the time to do that…)

    and yay for Indathrone blue. I use the DS version and am lost without it. Makes beautiful darks. Are you using the WN one?

    • I am using the WN one. I also have an old tube of Permanent Blue which later was replaced by Indathrone. I like it as well. But now I have to try the DS version. I do love the darks it makes. It is somehow brighter and deeper than what I can do with Ultramarine.
      And so glad the cast is off. I have a splint now for a few weeks but it comes off!

  5. dezabaleta says:

    Excellent !

  6. Suma CM says:

    I love WN Indanthrene blue as well – makes great greens with Aureolin yellow.

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