Ste. Anne in the snow

In yesterday’s post I identified mostly all the colours in my palette but in doing so, realized that I only really used a few of them all the time and most of them little or never. I said I used only  six or seven colours but I didn’t identify what these colours were. That lead to a few questions in the comments part of the post. “So what are those six or seven colours you use frequently?” Rather than put my response in the comments, I thought I’d answer it here instead. Here are the colours and what I use them for most often. Of course I use other colours too but I seem to be refilling these pans most frequently and also where my palette is most caked up. My favorite brands in any of these are Winsor Newton, Holbein, Daniel Smith and M. Graham and what I use depends on what is on sale when I’m shopping.

Burnt Sienna: for making brick (with Alizarin) and for mixing with Ultramarine for beautiful grays
Raw Sienna: a transparent earth tone used for pale underpainting in skies, mixed with purple for shadows
Alizarin Crimson: for mixing darks, for dulling greens, for mixing reds since cadmium is too opaque
Cobalt Blue: these days for making snow shadows and my perfect colour for making any kind of shadows including snow
Ultramarine Blue: diluted for skies, mixed with  Burnt Sienna for grays
Azo Yellow: for making greens because it is a transparent colour, for combining with Alizarin and Ultramarine for a limited palette
Indanthrene Blue: my most recent addition. I love this deep indigo hue for making darks.



8 Comments on “Ste. Anne in the snow”

  1. Lynne says:

    I love your picture so much Shari, the snowflakes just make it perfect.
    Thank you for your colour mixing advice, I have noted down everything you said. I have never heard of indanthrene blue, is there any equivilant in W&N?

  2. Vicky Porter says:

    Thanks so much, Shari. I look forward to trying some of the combinations you mentioned. As always, I appreciate your generosity.

  3. Mary says:

    A nice clear, crisp sketch of a familiar corner Shari, and wonder if it will ever find a new
    business. Thank you very much for sharing so kindly not only your favourite colours but why and how you use them 🙂

  4. Lee Kline says:

    Azo yellow and Indianthrene blue are new to me. I will try them. Thanks for sharing the notes about your limited palette.

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