Under the bridge

The rail bridge in Ste. Anne de Bellevue figured in a few of my summer paintings but with some fresh snow on the ground this morning I thought I’d tackle it again from my car studio. I left the house with a block of 9″ x 12″ Arches Rough paper. I don’t paint much on rough but I liked it. I just couldn’t figure out why it was buckling so much until I got home and realized it was 90 lb paper — much thinner than what I’m used to working on. My car heater came in handy between washes and once I dried the buckling areas I could easily go back into them. And just as I was almost done, as if on cue, this elderly couple walked right down the road for me.


11 Comments on “Under the bridge”

  1. Fleet Woodley says:

    That’s a nice one too. Really loving the play of shadows in the snow and how that contributes to the composition. The transparency of the light posts gives a somewhat ethereal quality to it that I really like and I think it makes them so much more interesting that if they were opaque. Of course the couple really makes the center of interest!


    • Thanks Fleet. I did want the light posts in there for the vertical contrast but didn’t want them to be really dark. I wasn’t aiming for ethereal but I’m happy they don’t overpower. Yes, the couple really helped me out even though they didn’t know it!!

  2. Lee Kline says:

    As always, I love this. You are my remote watercolor teacher. Can you tell me about your scanner? I may have asked before, and if so, I promise this will be the last time.

    • My scanner is an Epson Perfection V600 Photo. Seems to work well but I always have to tweak a bit in Photoshop to match the sketch as much as I can. And you can ask me this a hundred times if you want.

  3. Debo Boddiford says:

    You continue to amaze me with your wonderful art! Perfect timing for the couple to appear…they will never know that their Sunday afternoon walk is being enjoyed worldwide!

  4. Les says:

    Very nice watercolor work. And in the cold too, brrr….

    If you get a chance to comment I have a question. How long does this sort of watercolor take you?

    P.S. I know time is not really important in an activity one enjoys, but it seems that maybe if it takes a long while it become less spontaneous. Clearly lots of familiarity with one’s craft makes one speedier … I imagine. 🙂

    • I do lose all track of time when I paint but I think this took about an hour and a half. I think, or I hope, that this one has not lost it’s spontaneity. If I work on location that happens less but if I am in studio that can tend to happen.

  5. R Robinson says:

    As I`m looking at your new painting I can look up from my computer screen to see the two views you did of this bridge in the summer that I bought at the Pte Claire show. I enjoy having your work on my wall, and I like the winter one too. Its`s nice to see that the construction fencing is gone and the new light standards installed. Fine work, well done.

    • It is so nice to hear from you Mr. Robinson. I am happy that those two paintings keep each other (and you) company. The rail bridge is still one of my favourite places to paint, winter or summer. Glad you got to see this too.

  6. croquedessin says:

    How did you find the time to make so many beautiful paintings ?

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