Tree shadow and a little video

I think the groundhogs were divided on how much longer it would last, but today it seemed like we might be over the hump of winter. It was cold and clear and bright, in a good way, like winter should be. I had a tiny bit of time before school to sketch my trusty wheelbarrow and its closest friend the oak tree.


I’m also posting the link to our Sunday Sketching video from La Presse. A friend who screened it earlier today commented that this is a talented bunch of sketchers and I have to concur. It’s wonderful to see so many close-ups of all the sketches. Many thanks to Denis Wong and Fanny who produced this.

16 Comments on “Tree shadow and a little video”

  1. That’s a great video! And it was really interesting to see one of the Urban Sketchers using just an ordinary ballpoint pen.

  2. Great video! I’m amazed the museum allows people in there with paint – here if artists are allowed to sketch its generally dry media only. So nice to look over people’s shoulders – I want to dash off to a museum and start drawing!

  3. Mary says:

    What a beautiful day to fill your friendly wheelbarrow and oak tree watercolour with warm sunshine!
    Love your video too and it was so interesting to see all the different mediums artists
    are using 🙂

  4. Debo Boddiford says:

    Always love seeing your world renown wheelbarrow! Thanks for the video…wish I lived in Montreal!

  5. Britta says:

    It´s amazing how you catch the light!
    Love your snowy drawings!

  6. Ross says:

    Interesting video… couldn’t understand a word you said! Anyway, a friend suggested is try using Google Voice Translate (which I had a bit of trouble finding)… this is what it gave me…

    “My name is Shari Blaukopf and I am an urban sketcher which means that I sketch everything that I can see. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan which is why I am wearing my glove to sketch… it is black because dear Michael died. Today I am in a museum and I decided to draw the dinosaur bones… because they are the biggest thing in the room and because I am tired of drawing my wheelbarrow. There are just two problems… there are other sketchers in the room and they keep annoying me by asking me questions… I am sure they ask me because they know I am so much better at drawing than they are. The second problem is the pesky cameraman who won’t leave me alone… I told him to go away but he just kept filming me secretly… first from behind the dinosaur’s head and then from the balcony. He thought I couldn’t see him… I tried to ignore him and act cool but I always knew he was there.”

  7. Hi Shari, I enjoyed the video too. It’s lovely to be able to look over other people’s shoulder like that. There are some very talented people in your group. I especially like the drawing of the owl. I enjoy looking at your work too. Your colours are always bright and clear and the subject matter is of great interest. I live in Sydney so all the snow drawings are lovely because they depict something that is quite exotic to me.

    • That owl drawing was amazing! We always meet for coffee after we draw but for some reason not everyone came this time so I only saw some of these drawings in the video. So much talent in our group!

  8. Linda Daily says:

    I always love seeing your wheelbarrow! I love the wonderful violet blue shadow.The museum looks just beautiful. I enjoyed seeing the talented artists in your group. As to museum painting, I think you can oil paint in the Met in NYC and I was told you can also paint in the National Gallery in Wash.DC.,with permission and drop cloths I am sure!

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