The house at the end of the street

When I grow up I want to be able to paint the colour of white in shadow like Sargent or Hopper or Homer. It is so hard to get this dead on. It is not only the temperature of the colour but the value of it as well that makes it look just right. I was using sketchbook paper today which is really not the right way to practice this. You need a good quality paper to get the subtleties of the washes and also to allow for a few layers of glazing if need be.


13 Comments on “The house at the end of the street”

  1. Quelle belle scène ensoleillée. Merci Shari pour ce blogue.


  2. Roberta says:

    What a gifted artist you are!


  3. Vicky Porter says:

    This is stunning–definitely grown up shadows. You do these so well!
    I ask love the big swaths of color that contrast with the detailed line work on the house.


  4. Angie Macleod says:

    I would say you nailed it!


  5. Janet Dempsey says:

    Looks perfect to me! Your work is amazing!


  6. croquedessin says:

    C’est magnifique, que de belles couleurs et une lumière incroyable ! Quel est donc votre secret ? 😉


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