Steeple in a snowstorm

I painted in my car studio for as long as I could today but near the end the snow was coming down too quickly and even the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up. I noticed that when the snow is falling that heavily there’s an absence of colour. Everything is soft, muted and a little difficult to see but my intention was to keep this to warm and cool neutrals. This is painted on Fabriano hot pressed paper with a limited palette of Ultramarine blue, Burnt Umber, Alizarin and Azo yellow.


7 Comments on “Steeple in a snowstorm”

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing your limited palette with warm and cool neutral greys, working
    so well in the juxtaposition of the cool steeple (u.m. blue and alizarin?) and the warm building
    (predominantly b.umber and azo yellow ?) Yes ? maybe ? Also love the tilt of your composition 🙂

  2. croquedessin says:

    Lights and shadows are fantastic !

  3. Lesli W., Portland, Oregon USA says:

    Hi Shari,

    When you mentioned earlier (I think in the Parka Blog) that you were using Fabriano soft paper, is that the same as the Fabriano hot pressed used here?


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