I have always been taught that if you mix your own greens (as opposed to using green paint straight from the tube) the result will be more like a colour you find in nature. Viridian is a green that is clearly artificial (although John Singer Sargent used it in a pure form to great success) but Sap Green is much more of a green that you might find in nature. Of course if you are painting a manufactured object — like the cloth that was under my pears today — you might just want a tube colour. A bit of diluted Sap Green mixed with some Azo yellow was perfect for this.


16 Comments on “Bosc”

  1. Gorgeous, as usual.. & soooo strange – JUST finished making pear pancakes! Xox!!


  2. Dee says:

    A common criticism of azo yellow is that it is one of the least permanent colors, but I agree with you, it is one of my favorites and mixes beautifully in your work!


  3. Debo Boddiford says:

    Pear-fectly beautiful!


  4. kari says:

    Beautiful line work and color. Gorgeous.


  5. betsy angene says:

    Lovely. What kind of pen are you using? Do you always use pen–or sometimes pencil. So glad I found your blog.


  6. Ross says:

    Did you know that there is a new bar opening in Brisbane called “BOSC” which is an abbreviation for the Bar of Social Conscience… and as well there is a village in France called Le Bosc (pop 1134 in 2008)… or that Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc was a French botanist who died in 1828… and if you read far enough, down the whole page in the Google search results, you finally discover that there is a Bosc variety of pear. So thank you for making me more informed… although, more as a result of your cryptic titles rather than the discourse on making greens. Nice sketch.


    • Thanks Ross. I guess you don’t have Bosc pears in Australia. It is the only pear you can find in our stores next to the beets and turnips which are the only vegetables. But now I too know a lot more about Bosc.


      • Ross says:

        I have never seen a Bosc pear in Australia. Maybe it is the lack of a varied diet explains why you get frustrated towards the end of winter… and also forgetful in replying to comments (refer Feb 17)… perhaps you need a holiday? : )


      • I definitely need a holiday! But I am certainly not forgetful. I know I have unanswered comments and that is on the agenda for tonight.


  7. Liz says:

    I love your blog and your paintings. I agree with you about mixing greens rather than using a tube green. I definitely prefer to mix my own.


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