Winter corn

“The advantage of painting outside is simply that you are there, ‘living’ the subject. In experiencing this heightened awareness of everything, you are able to paint with far greater sensitivity and conviction. In the studio, however, the experience is second-hand: you have somehow to recapture what it is like to be in a location, responding to a subject.”
David Curtis, from the introduction to his book “Painting on Location, Secrets to Plein Air Painting”

I have only just started the book but that is definitely a secret that rings true for me and the reason I packed up my painting supplies and spent a few hours looking across the cornfield this morning.


20 Comments on “Winter corn”

  1. Diane Hines says:

    I love this… and everything else that you paint. What colors did you use in this one?


  2. TonyU says:

    Hi Shari

    Beautiful painting as always – but extra special this time. Not sure if it’s the aerial perspective, the perfect colour palette or that wonderful tree and the use of negative shapes. Guess the truth is it’s all of those and more! Great job … and how right David Curtis is.



  3. Connie Renaud says:

    That is such a beautiful scene – I love the winter and this makes is that much more special. Thank you Shari.


  4. CharlieAmra says:

    This is just plain wonderful. The picture is simple, yet there is so much going on. I love how you kept parts of the tree white and then included the darker, secondary branches for contrast. Thank you for posting this.


  5. Ross says:

    Nice work! I particularly like the way the foreground tree breaks the picture plane at both top and bottom.


  6. Vicky Porter says:

    Gorgeous! It looks pretty cold, too.


  7. croquedessin says:

    Wonderful, the tree especially. Nice atmospher. Congratulations for thisbeautiful painting !


  8. Jane Hannah says:

    I pass there every day and I know this area well! You rendered it beautifully Shari — good job -)


  9. andre savard says:

    I love your winter corn and specially the bich tree. Excellent job in doing the bark and the small branches.
    It gives you a sense that awinter is beautifull.


  10. arnoldtd says:

    I went to my county art league meeting this week. Signed up for this October painting exhibit. The theme is winter and Christmas. I really like this, thanks for the idea.


  11. Sofiane says:

    Very Nice
    Bonne continuation

    Bell satellite technicien


  12. liz bundle says:

    I KEEP COMING BACK to this piece – again and again. The light on the tree is captivating and so instantly understood. All else compliments the tree. Your sky and yellow corn superb foils. A living piece, one ‘feels’ as if one is there, in the scene. Exceptional. Really really great. I could go on and on – something that will always capture the eye, and hold it, simply because it will roam over the scene, looking for the magic.


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