House of Winsor

I thought it would be a good idea. I would go out with three tubes of paint that I don’t use very often and paint with a new triad: Winsor Blue, Winsor Yellow and Winsor Red. It turned out to be a bad idea! The colours were dull, the mixes were muddy and I just kept adding paint to fix it. And when that didn’t work I added line. And then I added a thicker line. Painting every day allows me to try things like this. Sometimes they work and sometimes — like this — they don’t, but they are always a good learning experience. In this case one I won’t repeat again. At least not without trying the mixes in studio first.


31 Comments on “House of Winsor”

  1. Carole says:

    I envy you your “failures”!


  2. Ellen says:

    I like it !


  3. Dee ludwig says:

    Not your technique, but a nice effect in another style. Dee


  4. Donna says:

    Looks good to me.


  5. Monique says:

    I would love my things that don’t work to look like this!


  6. carol says:

    Amen to that! i think you def pulled it out of the bin! Love your openness. Its so encouraging!
    thank you Carol


  7. susan says:

    Maybe next time try Winsor Lemon, Winsor Blue (red shade) and Permanent Rose? These are the three colors that Winsor Newton recommends for a good primary mix in their artist watercolor paints. I’m not sure they don’t recommend Winsor Red in place of Permanent Rose?


    • Thanks for the good advice Susan. I think the Winsor Blue I have must be the green shade and that is part of the problem. I’m used to using Cool blues like Cobalt and Ultramarine. The warm blues make dirty mixes with red. I love the pdf. Thanks for the link and I will try the Permanent Rose next time.


  8. I think I understand how you feel, but I really do like the tertiary feel of these colours. Sometimes it is hard to look at your own work as someone else would!


  9. andre savard says:

    Shari, your colors may not be what you wanted, but it turned out to be perfect for this old vinyl or alluminum sidings on the house. Old siddings colors fade with time due to sun exposure and rain. It really represents the era of this city scape.
    Thanks for the view, I rally like it.


  10. Lady-Elenya says:

    well it’s not that bad 🙂 I like it! You are very brave to go outside and do a winter sketch.. I’m still waiting for spring to begin mines eheh.


  11. Judith Hovde says:

    Well, I love it regardless! It looks great to me…


  12. andre savard says:

    It look very familiar, but can’t pin point it. Notre Dame street or ar 24th street.
    Thanks again.


  13. Jim says:

    Looks good to me!


  14. yousra ahmed nagaty says:

    beautiful 😉


  15. Ross says:

    I thought this looked good… it seems that you are your own toughest critic! And, I always thought it was me. : )


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