After yesterday’s muddy painting I tried to do something a little cleaner today. With the melting snow creating lakes on the streets in my neighbourhood, it felt like spring might actually arrive sometime soon. I worked a little differently today too. Usually I work from mid-tones to darks, painting around the light areas. Today I added the darks in first and worked backwards. I think it’s something that helped establish the values early on and is worth trying again. Painted on 300 lb Fabriano.


26 Comments on “Puddles”

  1. Email says:


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  2. Miz Dee says:

    Looks so wet!

  3. Chris Rusk says:


  4. CharlieAmra says:

    You can actually see the snow melting into the street. This one is really cool.

  5. Monique says:

    We went for a walk en famille today..

    looks identical to here..puddles..street .. incline..trees and all:)

  6. george smith says:

    All of SB’s work is inspirational and thrilling to see. Shari you capture the essence of the subject not just the visual meaning.

  7. John Bartoldus says:

    Where I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, they called anything that was really good CRAZY. This scene is crazy, kudos! I had the most successful art show ever today! Yippee! Jacques

  8. Nonna Mynatt says:

    Beautiful painting, one of the best!!!

  9. Alfredo Gonzalez says:


  10. Ross says:

    That is stunning! My eye is just drawn to the end of the road, and that part of the painting is the bit I like best… almost black against white. Oh, and I really like those wet puddles too.
    How did you paint this… sitting on the road?

    • Thanks Ross! I painted this one in studio. I saw the scene while I was walking the dog and I snapped a quick iPhone photo. It was much more comfortable than sitting in the middle of the wet road.

  11. liz bundle says:

    How large is the painting? Size helps to put things in perspective as in brush you used relative to space etc.

  12. Beth says:

    An especially nice one, Shari! Congrats – it really captures that clean, bright feeling of our landscape right now.

  13. Wonderful capture; just the treatment on the watery puddles of snowmelt alone shows masterful technique.

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