Ro’s front yard

I think I made the most of this quarter sheet of Fabriano 300 lb. paper. First I started a tulip painting on one side of it, but that didn’t turn out well. So I turned it over and used half of it for yesterday’s puddles. Today I used the other half for this sketch of my the undergrowth in my neighbour’s yard. Size: 7″ x 11″


6 Comments on “Ro’s front yard”

  1. liz bundle says:

    Always in total admiration! thx for size. You do make my day!

  2. captelaine says:

    I LOVE Fabriano 300lbs paper too… so versatile… and tough, I’ve put a bad painting under the kitchen faucet and completely washed it away… and later painting over it no problem. Love the snowy scene, glad there’s no snow where I live 🙂

  3. tmikeporter says:

    I just ordered a sample pack of Fabriano from Cheap Joe’s. Will be my first time trying that paper. Would also like to try 200 lb as a cost and performance compromise.

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