This is my second attempt at a sketch today. The first one was in colour but on the wrong paper. For my second try I used my good ol’ Sharpie and the same paper (hand•book journal sketchbook). What made the paper poor for watercolour (too absorbent) made it great for the Sharpie (very absorbent). When you leave your pen on the paper for a second or two it gets those little blobs that are perfect for contour drawing.


12 Comments on “Salt”

  1. CharlieAmra says:

    Very nice, I like the simple line work.

  2. John Bartoldus says:

    I never would have thought to use vertical lines as you have for shading. It is as if there is one shadow being cast over the image….very cool. I love B/W, my first calendar in 1998 was B/W and I’d go back there tomorrow if I thought it would sell. Alas, here in paradise everything is colorful. Au revoir, Jacques

  3. I like this; beautiful simplicity of line work, yet still rich in darks and lights.

  4. Debo Boddiford says:

    Salty, and sweet!

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