If you paint it

I heard recently that this winter we’ve had five consecutive months of below normal temperatures in most of Canada. And now, a huge snowstorm is raging outside my window, again. That could explain why I keep buying flowers. I figure this may be the only sign of green I see for a long time. Painted on Fabriano 300 lb paper, 11″ x 15″.


22 Comments on “If you paint it”

  1. Jody says:

    Very beautiful Shari. What surface is the paper, hot press, cp? Did you do the soak on both sides as demo-ed for Marc Holmes (which was a great post, by the way)? Thanks for your daily inspiration, Jody

    • Thanks Jody. I bought this paper a long time ago. I think it is CP. For 300 lb paper I don’t soak both sides, I just wet selective areas. This paper is too thick to soak but it’s really beautiful.

  2. Beautiful painting and I like how you got so many shades of green. Hoping you get some warm sunshine soon!

  3. liz bundle says:

    Superb! Gotta say IMPRESSIVE and HUGE! SO CHEERFUL! What an amazing and glorious piece to have up on the wall today! Your style of course ineffable. Your ability to use green so so beautifully blows me away.

  4. Beverley Rankin says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for this lovely bouquet, Shari. And yes, it will come!

  5. borrominibear says:

    hoping it warms up soon… but enjoying these flowers very much!!!!

  6. Lee Kline says:

    The sun is coming. We sent it north. At any rate, it is not here today. Stay on the lookout for a large yellow thing in the eastern sky. Beautiful painting.

  7. Monique says:

    I opted for tulips yet again:)

    LOVELY! I can never get the water…amongst other things.

    So much snow..

  8. Mary Sanchez says:

    Beautiful painting.

    Pansies, daffodils and primroses are growing in my sun-drenched garden.

  9. CharlieAmra says:

    I really enjoy your landscapes, but I think it is your still life of flowers that make me smile the most. This is just wonderful.

  10. Julie McDonald says:

    Your colorful bouquet filled my heart with sunshine this morning ! Thank you.

  11. drawandshoot says:

    These look so alive! Gorgeous, Shari.
    I’m looking forward to watching little shoots peek out of the ground and to seeing grass again.
    We will all have a serious case of spring fever when it actually arrives.

  12. dezabaleta says:

    Good watercolor …

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