These boots

The winter storm howling outside my window got me thinking about all the things I am tired of looking at: the ice scraper in my car, my black winter parka, my mittens and hat, and especially my salt-stained, winter-weary boots. I keep hoping it will be shoe season again, but each time I think it may be time to clean off these old guys and put them away until next year we get slammed with more snow. Don’t get me wrong — I love painting in winter — but we’ve had just a little bit too much of it this year…


7 Comments on “These boots”

  1. Mary Sanchez says:

    Your news about snow and winter is amazing! I won’t complain about winter out here any more.

    Anyway, the “Boots” painting is wonderful.

    Mary from BC

  2. Fleet Woodley says:

    Nice job on the boots too! I love the way you got e perspective right on those lug soles.

    ~ Fleetwood

  3. Monique says:

    The right hand ones are so practical..:)

  4. Marc Lépine says:

    Shari, I discovered you a few months ago. My wife and I went to the Beaconsfield Library with our grand daughters and I saw a watercolor of you. I found your site on internet and now I receive my daily Sketch! I really like your work.

    And I found out about UrbanSketchers. I will probably join the group in a few months.

    All this decided me to start my own blog. So I send you the adress. You will see it is in French (and sorry, my English is not perfect!!!!). What I really like is looking at Thalassa (at TV5) on Friday evenings (the season is over…) and sketch quickly. I manage to make between 15 and 30 sketches by hour. I never stop the image. The days after, I color those i like. It is for me a great way to improve my observation!

    Thank you for giving me a daily present !


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