Pump room

I guess that in the winter, under a bit of fresh snow and on a bright day, even the most mundane of structures can be seen in a different way. I walk past our neighbourhood pool almost every day. In summer these little buildings — one of which houses the pool pumps — are obscured by foliage, bikes, kids and lifeguards. In the winter, with a bit of snow and the right light, they had me imagining that I had driven out of town to an rural area and that the pump-room was suddenly a picturesque barn.


17 Comments on “Pump room”

  1. This is beautiful Shari! The color complements work so well with this. You can feel the crisp cold air!

  2. Miz Dee says:

    Ah, the artist’s eye.

  3. Vicky Porter says:

    Lovely colors, but it certainly looks cold for the end of March:)

  4. Alison says:

    Yummy! This really captures the light today. Is that a bit of wet in wet technique I detect?

  5. TR Duncan says:

    oh please paint the skaters! : )

  6. Jane Hannah says:

    Oh my! This is very lovely Shari — well done!

  7. Ross says:

    Wow, that looks great. Love the soft (wet in wet) treatment of the trees in the background and the way the tree trunks in the foreground are “bleeding” into the buildings. Looks just like Lesson 7 in my “Learning to Watercolour” book… are you actually working through a “how to” book? Is that the secret of your success? : )

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