Prima donna

She was in a bouquet, sharing the space with others, but she just kept screaming “Paint me, paint me!” so I had to take her away from the quieter ones, give her a place of her own and listen to her temperamental hollering just a little bit longer.

In the process, I learned a thing or two. 1. Don’t buy a bouquet with a big garish diva. 2.Purple is a lot more interesting when you are creating it from red and blue rather than tube purple which I started with.



20 Comments on “Prima donna”

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    Stunning! All the variations of purple look great and I love those showy petals. Diva indeed!

  2. Miz Dee says:

    Oh, I agree about mixed purple . Strange, but I was mixing permanent Rose and phaleo blue, and got some really fun shades.

  3. Tracey says:

    Thanks for the chuckle Shari! Love the Diva!

  4. Paula Webb says:

    I wish I could have watched your process. Very nice!

  5. tanyaswann says:

    Love this! Great purples and I love the diva look…

  6. liz bundle says:

    Lush lovely and i wondered – did you crop in from the ‘full’ flower image? Or did it just blow off the page? In any case, it’s a “good” crop, pulls your attention into the centre. For me, that type of thing is usually an accident, I forget how big something is and then run out of space. As always I wonder what size it is, I always like to imagine things on a wall and the drama that they might create. If large, this already stunning piece would be REALLY stunning! Great colours – they keep the eye busy.

  7. Ruth says:

    This Diva really did have something to say, and of course you had to listen to the bold beauty !
    If she could speak, she would be overjoyed with the results and strutting her stuff ! You have captured a sensuous movement and the colours are beautiful ! Love it.

  8. Mary Sanchez says:

    This is amazing. I would love to learn how you achieved it.

  9. amazingly beautiful !!!!!

  10. CharlieAmra says:

    Your still lifes of flowers continue to amaze and inspire. Thank you for posting this.

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