Crystal shore

Two days ago I was looking for a good location to sketch the cracking ice on Lac St. Louis but when I got down to the shore, to my great disappointment, it was all gone. Today a friend emailed me a few photos of where the ice had ended up, so I made my way there this afternoon. I don’t know if this happens every year or if this was a freak occurrence, but for a good distance the ice was piled up along the waterfront in Dorval and people were gathering to take photos or just to gawk. With some of the chunks at least a foot thick and four feet across, I can only imagine what the sound must have been when this happened. I found a bench to set up on because there was no place close by to park and sketch from the shelter of my car, but with the wind blowing icy gusts on my palette (and my face) I had to pack up after about 30 minutes and finish the last details in the warmth of my house. I have never sketched outdoors in a colder situation than this, but I have also never sketched a scene as brilliantly gorgeous as this either.


12 Comments on “Crystal shore”

  1. Another beautiful sketch. Was this on the Handprint book or Stillman and Birn?


  2. Jean says:

    Indeed Shari, we have never seen this in the eighteen years we’ve walked this park. What an amazing scene and how scary it must have been to some waterfront residents who saw the “frozen lake” crawling onto the banks and inching across their backyards towards their homes.


    • Know that I know that this was a rare scene, I am even happier that I got to see this. I don’t think my sketch did it justice but it was a big adventure to do it. I parked right near your house but I was too cold when I finished to even knock on your door. I had to rush home to have tea and thaw out.


  3. John Bartoldus says:

    Absolutely stunning! Bravo! U R AMAZING. Happy Easter, Jacques


  4. rene fijten says:

    gorgeous indeed. also howe the sky colours work together with the ice.


  5. June mcmillan says:

    What a fabulous way to greet Easter!! Accentuati ng the positive is one of your many gifts. Thanks for sharing this~! June cMillan


  6. Les says:

    This is an eye catching work. The ice looks sculptured.


  7. dezabaleta says:

    Great watercolor…


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