The Hoh rainforest

I’ve never quite experienced anything as eerily magical as the Hoh rainforest in Washington’s Olympic National Park. With waist high ferns and towering 200-foot spruce and hemlock trees draped in thick moss, walking through the forest is a bit like being in Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs. So how do you paint this? Narrow shards of sunlight pierce the dense ceiling of moss and foliage but besides that it’s mostly GREEN! So that’s what I did. A big green wash with bits of white where the sun lit the ferns. And then more warm greens of every type until my sheet was as mossy as my surroundings.


8 Comments on “The Hoh rainforest”

  1. Madeleine Bissonnette says:

    Wonderfull !!!

    Thank you very much for this magic moment….

    MB Envoyé de mon iPad


  2. Lovely, There is some much to sketch there. It is amazing that you can reduce it down to a great composition. Nice light. Can’t wait till I see more of your sketches. When you go to Port Townsend, If you have time go down to the end and check out Port Hudson Resort. It is a pretty cool place with all the boats docked and the old white resort buildings. Great sketching there. Also you might want to check out Fort Worden if you have time. John’s office did the Fort Worden Commons building. But there are a lot of old Army officers buildings to sketch. Have a great time! Gail

  3. kari says:

    It’s fun to see glimpses of places I’m so familiar with. Hope you make it to Hurricane Ridge, one of my favorite hiking places, or the beautiful coastal rock formations at/near Shi Shi. Washington is such a beautiful state!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Are you going to be in Port Townsend? I would love to sketch with you or just chat for a few minutes.

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