English Bay

On my last day in the Pacific Northwest I found some time to sketch the tankers and freighters on English Bay in Vancouver. They seem so solidly anchored out in the bay but I drew them on two different days and each time realized that every time I looked up they had each shifted slightly.


8 Comments on “English Bay”

  1. WSB Server says:

    Hope you had a great trip. Sorry about the weather. Summer is usually hot and sunny. Have a safe trip home.

    Sent from Wayne Bissky’s iPhone



  2. Linda Daily says:

    Really nice, Shari. You captured how these big ships seem to glide so effortlessly across
    the water.


  3. hugo costa says:

    Fantastic colors and composition!


  4. marctaro says:

    Such a bold sketch, seems small and huge at the same time.


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