From Signal Hill to Cape Spear

It was a view worth painting — both for where I was sitting and what I was looking at. My location: Signal Hill, overlooking St. John’s Harbour and also the site of Marconi’s first transatlantic wireless signal. My view: way out to Cape Spear, North America’s most easterly point. So far this place has surpassed expectations, both for the rugged, wild beauty of the landscape as well as the warmth of the Newfoundland people.


14 Comments on “From Signal Hill to Cape Spear”

  1. Nathalie says:

    Shari, that trail from Signal Hill down to the Battery is one of my most favorite hikes of all times 🙂 thank for the amazing watercolor bringing back such wonderful memories.

  2. Kathleen Knowling says:

    Shari, I’m enjoying your paintings of Newfoundland. You seem to be enjoying your visit! I always like a sketching expedition to Petty Harbour, boats, wharves and precipitous hills! My telephone number is 726-5410 if in any way I can help you. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Kathleen Knowling.

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    • Thanks so much for the hospitality Kathleen. Petty Harbour was already on the agenda for today, after seeing the whales and puffins in Witless Bay. What a place you live in. I will be back!

  3. Miz Dee says:

    Lovely, lovely. I see the influence of the workshop.,

  4. creemie says:

    Go to Cape St Mary. Most beautiful scenery in the world

  5. Don says:

    I love the loose technique and vibrant colours in your work!
    What type of support do you use?
    I normally use 300 lb cold pressed.

  6. Mary King. says:

    I love your sketchbook!! It is so encouraging to me. I love to paint but don’t lke to sketch at all. I am trying to change that. Looking at your sketches each day is helping. I may have asked this before, but do you sketch first and then paint or paint your shapes and then sketch with pen after? Also forgot which gray sketching pen you use. Thank you so much! Mary.

    • I usually draw with a pencil first and sometimes draw with a Micron pen before adding the watercolour. I rarely draw with ink after I paint but I did do a little drawing on this one.

  7. Cigara says:

    Comme toujours de belles images, il faut dire que Terre Neuve s’y prete bien avec ces magnifiques paysages. Je suis tombĂ© “en amour” de cette province !
    J’ai fait le mĂŞme croquis que vous il y a quelques annĂ©es :

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