Quidi Vidi

This has been a kind of amazing summer for travel but my trusty phone, which I use to post remotely, is on its last legs. This week I’ll be travelling around Newfoundland and hoping that the phone will last the trip. That means I may not be able to write much but I sure will be drawing. The first stop: the tiny outport of Quidi Vidi – as picturesque a village as you could ever imagine.


22 Comments on “Quidi Vidi”

  1. Julie Gomez says:

    Hope your phone holds out so we can enjoy your beautiful sketches from Newfoundland. Have a fun, safe trip Shari! 😊


  2. Love how you captured the reflections in the water! Enjoy your trip – I think you will have more than enough beautiful scenery to draw 🙂


  3. creemie says:

    Amazing area. You won’t be short of subjects to paint. Enjoy…


  4. Monique says:

    I think I would love Newfoundand..

    Hope the phone keeps working!
    This is just lovely.


  5. Nathalie says:

    Newfoundland, such a wonderful place. Thanks for allowing us to travel alongside your sketches and have a safe journey.


  6. Alison says:

    Wonderful! I recognized the name in the subject line, then immediately remembered the spot when I saw your effect sketch. I have been to this little bay and you have captured it beautifully.


  7. Sue says:



  8. Careen says:

    Hope you are planning a future workshop there.. I’m in ….


  9. Linda says:

    Hello, you’re paintings are so wonderful. Thank you, Linda


  10. Harriet Braun says:

    Beautiful painting, and that is one well placed bird. i would’ve flubbed that one unless i practiced it on a spare sheet. even then, no guarantee.


  11. We just got back from a trip to Western Newfoundland and I painted every day that I was there. I am so glad to see your paintings as the colours are much more muted in Newfoundland than much of the paintings I have seen you do and I was interested to see how you would capture the scenes I was seeing and now I get to do just that. Have a wonderful time – wish I was there again right now!


    • We have had great weather here and every day is hot! Not what I expected here. The colours are certainly more muted here than out west where there was often a dark backdrop of trees. I am loving this province and it’s great to hear that you painted here as well.


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