The trees of Stanley Park

When I arrive on the West Coast from Montreal it’s the trees that always make the biggest impression on me because they are so much grander than what we see back east. This time around I spent a bit of time in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t venture too far into the park itself (you don’t have to go far to see sketchable stuff), just spent a day painting around the Fish House at one entrance, and another in Coal Harbour where hundreds of cyclists pass on their rental bikes on their way to ride around the seawall, but it was enough time to make sure I got a few Western Red Cedars in my sketchbook. I realize that I have posted the Coal Harbour sketch (the third one) already but this time the colour is more accurate since it’s a scanned version of the sketch.





9 Comments on “The trees of Stanley Park”

  1. I really like your sketch of the harbor with the tall evergreens behind the lodge. Reminds me of the tall dark evergreen trees in the N.W. and how they make great background settings. You might be interested in Canada’s artist Michael Kluckner who has published several watercolor scenes of Canada. My favorite is his British Columbia in Watercolor. He has captured the beautiful sunlight coming through the dark evergreens. I live across the border in U.S. and can relate to these beautiful scenes he has painted.

    • I love when people send me links to artist’s work. At first glance, I like his work quite a bit, especially his scenes of desolate buildings. He is definitely worth a second look!

      • I enjoy reading his writings along with the sketches about the areas he paints. Some of his sketches have wonderful highlights showing through windows, on buildings and through the shadows of the trees.

  2. Linda Daily says:

    These are beautiful,Shari. You have really captured the essence of the evergreens. I have enjoyed all your postings from the Pacific Northwest!

  3. Evelyn Peyton Murphy says:

    Hi, Shari. Since you are in the area, I thought you might be interested in this Urban Sketchers group.I enjoy your daily postings. You are inspirational to me, and I’m sure many artists. Thank you, Evelyn Peyton Murphy

  4. I allready said that I love your drawings. I will be taning some watter color lessons after my hollidays!

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