Back in the hood

There is a certain comfort in sketching the familiar. After a summer of travel it feels great to be looking at my neighbourhood with fresh eyes. Despite a chilly wind blowing off the lake and an equipment malfunction (broken tripod leg), I was happy to be back at the yacht club to sketch today. There didn’t seem to be much action at the sailing school — I guess lessons are over for the season — and before you know it the boats will be coming out of the water, so I have to make the most of the time that’s left. Painted at a picnic table on a Saunders Waterford CP block, 9″ x 12″.


8 Comments on “Back in the hood”

  1. TR Duncan says:

    gorgeous! still enjoying that brush…. what are you using to make your black? it seems you are using a couple of combinations to get there.


    • Thanks! Yes, still enjoying the brush.
      I don’t have any black on my palette. For darks I just mix up a thick combo of pure pigment. Usually it’s a combo of the darkest stuff on my palette that day. Today it is ultramarine, viridian, alizarin crimson and burnt sienna. Maybe a bit of indanthrene blue.


      • tony says:

        Hello Shari,

        I just moved to Montreal in late July.
        and i start to be interested in watercolor sketching, especially for living in a city like Montreal.
        But i am totally new for watercolor sketching, could you tell me where i can buy a beginner’s watercolor kit (i am living in downtown now), and what brands you suggest?

        thanks a lot!


      • Hi Tony,
        Welcome to Montreal!! It’s a great city for living in and a great city for sketching.
        You can certainly buy beginner’s watercolour kits at Omer de Serres (a large chain of art supply stores) but I prefer Avenue des Arts on Victoria Avenue in Westmount. They have wonderful service and many products you don’t find anywhere else.
        And if you’d like to join our Urban Sketching group, we meet every fourth Sunday of the month. Have a look for upcoming outings at
        All levels of sketchers are welcome and we love to meet new people.



  2. tmikeporter says:

    Big dark shapes with no fussing around. Fresh looking!


  3. Interesting fresh color and warm painting. Lovely!


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