Washington Park

There are still paintings from my summer travels that haven’t been painted. Places I saw that I didn’t have time to paint because I was teaching or driving or it was just too late in the day and the light was fading. Washington Park in Anacortes was one of those places. It had the same impossibly tall pines that I looked at every morning from my cabin. Painted on 300 lb Fabriano cold press paper. Size: 11″ x 15″.


21 Comments on “Washington Park”

  1. Angie Macleod says:

    You nailed those trees and of course the rocks!

  2. kipps74 says:

    My word, this is really, really good. I love the detail around the edge of the water and the choice of colour makes it so realistic. You should take this up as a hobby!

  3. Vicky Porter says:

    This is gorgeous! I hope you make more trips to the PNW because I love seeing our home in your watercolors.

  4. CharlieAmra says:

    Love this. Simply amazing, especially the clouds and the sky.

  5. Sampurna says:

    Totally love the way you did the trees OMG 🙂

  6. Jane Hannah says:

    Majestic Shari — wish I was there, painting there with you!!!

  7. Lee Kline says:

    Just beautiful. Aren’t you in Brazil?

    • Thanks Lee! No, I couldn’t go to Brazil because my teaching contract started last week. I think a lot of people were in the same boat as me so I hope next year the symposium will be in July again instead of end of August.

  8. Alison says:

    Beautiful. I get a real sense of the volume of the rocky point, the softness of the calm water in the foreground, the nestled cabins and uncertain sky. Stunning!

  9. Linda says:

    This is outstanding!

  10. Missy Walsh-Smith says:

    I just walked around WA Park this morning. You’ve captured it beautifully! Yes, come back to the PNW!!

  11. Lee Kline says:

    That sky is ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!

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