Ogilvy Avenue

The Montreal neighbourhood of Park Extension is always an interesting place to stop and sketch, if you can find a place to park. Today I was lucky — I found a spot on the shady side of Ogilvy Avenue, with a good view of a corner shop. Park Ex was, and still is, a working-class neighbourhood, and historically home since the 1950s to different groups of immigrants — first Jewish, then Italian, Greek and now mostly South Asian as well as Caribbean. That makes for lots of interesting little shops and a very busy street life. With the limited time I had today, I thought this scene might be best dealt with in pencil and I had just enough time to capture the lights and darks of the storefront and practice a bit of people and car drawing at the same time.


5 Comments on “Ogilvy Avenue”

  1. wrightottawa says:

    Apparently the start of the school year has etched into your painting time. But, its all good as you are keeping loose. The take away for me on this one is contrast.

    And I can’t resist beating Ross to the observation that it’s a van, not a car ….

  2. Miz Dee says:

    Of course it’s a van! Anyone can tell…even me! I love that you are sketching with pencil. I’ve forced myself to do pen for so long, I’d kinda like to revisit to see if I would be tempted by an eraser again.

  3. I love this! First time I see you don’t put colors!

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