The Mighty 5 Tour

I am still completing work from my visit to Utah last month. One aspect I have yet to write about is the Utah Symphony’s Mighty Five Tour — four free outdoor concerts set against the backdrop of the spectacular red rock arches and canyons of Utah’s National Parks. Of course my sketchbook came along for the ride and although it became difficult to see my paper as the sun went down, I was able to sketch the events — the full symphony concerts as well as this concert with the Aspen Winds Quintet. Looking at the symphony’s website today brings back wonderful memories of this intensely rich experience, both visual and auditory. There are some great short videos on the site including many testimonials from musicians and citizens of the communities where the concerts were held. You’ll get a good sense of just how beautiful this red rock country is and how lucky I was to be able to witness this tour.


4 Comments on “The Mighty 5 Tour”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful. Love the quintet. Many’s the wind quintet performance in my past but never at red rocks! If you’ll pardon the double entendre…this really rocks!


  2. Joan says:

    One must see Utah to be able to grasp how vast and compelling the landscape is. Awesome is an overly used word, but is the one word that describes Utah. Another would be “breathtaking.”
    Thanks for bringing back lovely memories with this painting.


  3. 7891samoth says:

    Nice! Do you draw the black “pen” lines before or after the aquarel?


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