The whites

I was going outside to sketch something completely different — perhaps some yellowing bits of plants in the garden — when the shirts caught my eye. The play of shadows on white are always such a challenge. Treated with a brush that’s too dry, they end up looking wooden, so I tried to keep the shadows and folds loose and wet.


34 Comments on “The whites”

  1. TR Duncan says:



  2. MizDee says:

    This made me smile from ear to ear! The perfect odd subject done with real charm!


  3. Linda Daily says:

    Wonderful,Shari. It reminds of a Sargent of white laundry on the line.


  4. Alex Bodnar says:

    I love your confident thick brushwork. May I ask what kind and size of brush do you use? What’s the scale of this art piece?


  5. I can hear the shirts rustling in the wind when I look at this.


  6. Charles says:

    Superbe! J’ai toujours aimé les représentations de corde à linge et celle-ci est vraiment réussie!


  7. Anders says:

    What can I say? Shari has the gift ! : ) It’s almost the boundary between abstract and figurative art. Just loved it !


  8. Vicky says:

    Love this! Those whites are stunning!


  9. croquedessin says:

    The brightness is stunning !


  10. Alberta Smith says:

    Just stunning, Shari. You have achieved exactly what you wanted with this painting — I love it!


  11. anne farmer says:

    i really like this painting, the light is wonderful. It reminds me of the work of British painter Lucy Willis.


  12. Have I ever told you that every single time you post a new piece I smile at your words? You always teach everybody so much in just a few words. Bravo!


  13. hugo costa says:

    Great composition, and colors!


  14. I love this. I can see them fluttering in the wind!


  15. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. Great subject, great sense of fun and a great piece of negative painting. Thought of you all at your monthly USK get together today. Tony


  16. KnitNell says:

    I also love seeing washing on a line and your simple sketch is fabulous.


  17. Joan says:

    Not only could I hear the flapping of the shirts, I could smell them! My grandmother used to wash on a washboard with Fels Naptha soap, then rinse and wring out the clothes with her hands. The smell of that laundry hanging on the lines as I walked beside her handing out the clothes pegs….heavenly!


  18. dezabaleta says:

    Original watecolor !


  19. Nathalie says:



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