Big to small

It’s the start of car painting season, and I don’t mean painting my car, I mean painting from my car. Today I spent a little time looking at the shapes of foliage. The first big wash (which I have varied from yellow to red to green in this case) covers the tree and grass shape, and that’s the main shape in the sketch. I am sometimes guilty of not making that wash puddle big enough on my  palette, so I’ve been trying to remember to mix up about double the amount of what I think I need. It’s never fun to run out of paint. By the time you mix another puddle the wet paper has dried, especially sketchbook paper, so it’s important to make lots of it. Once that big shape has dried you can go back into the washes and define the smaller shapes such as the undersides of trees, the trunks (some are positive, some are negative shapes) and the shadows. The last step is the really tiny bits of calligraphic lines, splashes and dots.


10 Comments on “Big to small”

  1. liz bundle says:

    Fabulous! Splosh wins hands down every time. Yanks the mind and eye into a different dimension – much more fun than specific. Course only REALLY good when artist draws on specific to be non specific. A winner. I’d like to have it on a wall. And very very rare for a north american autumnal scene to be attractive and appealing – but you did it.not.

  2. Pat brookes says:

    It’s amazing how you make a normally mundane scene so beautiful. Our Whidbey island sketchers group will be painting from cars soon, especially when we can’t find a large enough indoor space. Thanks for the inspiration. Pat

    • These days I don’t have much time to get out to do anything really exciting so I am surrounded by the more mundane. But there’s always something to paint, even in the mundane.

  3. Angie Macleod says:

    Great depth of field, heading out tomorrow to capture some of his fall glory! Great little painting!

  4. Hi Shari
    it’s an another one I like !
    Today I started my acuarella training. Nice!
    I will show you when it will be finish…
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    bye bye

  5. anne farmer says:

    I really admirethe way you capture the trees, not getting bogged down with leaves (bit of a mixed metaphor there, I expect you know what I mean)

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