Putting green

Every sketch could end up becoming a bigger painting, eventually, if the composition and subject are interesting enough. If this sketch did become a larger work, there is one thing that I would change immediately. The two trees at the right are exactly the same size and same height (and unfortunately shaped a bit like two ladies in green ball gowns!). If I had been a bit more mindful of these shapes, I might have noticed it earlier. Sometimes it is only after I see the sketch on screen that the oversights become apparent. One of these ladies could certainly benefit from a bit of resizing.

Sketched in a Handbook Watercolour Travelogue Journal, 8″ x 8″. The greens on the green are a mix of Azo Green and Sap Green. The greens in the evergreens are a mix of Azo Green, Sap Green and Ultramarine.


13 Comments on “Putting green”

  1. Meg says:

    Thank you for letting us know what colors you are using and for sharing your insights on composition. This is lovely, as usual.


  2. Missy Walsh-Smith says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about your beautiful sketches, Shari! I learn so much!


  3. Linda Daily says:

    That little touch of red on the flag makes such a difference. A famous painter….Homer or Sargent, said there should always be a touch of red in a painting. I just don’t remember who said it! Thanks for the mixing tips on greens,always helpful.


  4. tmikeporter says:

    When you share how you learn, we learn! Merci beaucoup.


  5. Joan says:

    Ladies in green ball gowns! That made me laugh. I learn so much from you…thanks for posting all your thoughts and insights here that we all benefit from.


  6. Red flag means that the pin is at the front of the green – which is not as perceptible to a golfer 250 yards back in the fairway as it is to the whirling dervishes captured here with a front row seat. Sufi outfits billowing with the dancer’s effort rather than the wind as evidenced by the drooping flag. Nice work by the way.


  7. Bernadette says:

    Sheri, I never would have noticed the two ladies dressed in green ball gowns on the left. Your work is wonderful and your comments make me smile. Thank you.


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