A recipe for carrots

A few months ago I added some Cadmium Orange to my palette, thinking that I would like to use it — along with Cerulean Blue — to mix some warm greys. The pigment was so runny and much to my annoyance it leaked all over the palette even though I let it dry for days. Months later it is still gooey even though there’s hardly anything left in the well. I guess I should just get rid of the rest of it since I don’t even use it for painting carrots. I much prefer to mix my own orange hues by blending Azo Yellow or Gamboge with Alizarin. I find that if I vary the amount of yellow and red in the mix the washes I can obtain are much more interesting than orange straight from the tube.


13 Comments on “A recipe for carrots”

  1. 7891samoth says:

    Beautiful! Are those figgs below?

  2. mmmmm thats really good, I’m hungry!

    Shari I would like to tell you that las Wednesday I started my first lesson of water color, I will tell you when it’s finished 😉
    bye bye

  3. Monique says:

    Perfect for pumpkins too?

  4. Zoe says:

    The two Cadmium Oranges I have both ran like a fierce storm at sea. I am trying other oranges like Pyrrol Orange (PO71 & PO73). You, however, made it look worthy!!!

  5. tsketching says:

    Love your sketches, thanks for sharing! Have you tried translucent orange from Schmincke (no 218; PO71). I’ve introduced it to my pallete some weeks ago and love it.

    • Thanks for commenting Tanja. I have never tried that colour. I don’t even know where I would buy Schmincke paints in Montreall but I will certainly try to find this. Thanks for the tip.

  6. gorgeous shades of orange and life in this piece!

  7. Barbara Beynon says:

    New to the blog and have enjoyed scrolling through the trail of postings. I too have had problems with the oranges not firming up in my travel palette and running all over; I finally just left them out. I haven’t tried the Schmincke or the pyrrol orange either but seem get by with mixing the few times I need orange.

    • Glad you found me Barbara. I seem to have a lot more success mixing oranges than using them straight from the tube, although lately I like Pyrrol Orange because of its transparency. Thanks for writing!

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